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To become winemired means that you have aged like wine, in contrast to someone who milkmired. It is a portmanteau of wine and milkmired. A male winemirer who is in his 40s or 50s is more likely to date a vicenarian or even a teen without getting weird looks from the public.

MILF analogues[edit | edit source]

There are correlations between low cortisol levels and female attractiveness. TBD

Female Winemired would consider Female Dating Strategy and Pussy cartel as valid strategies, however men that are their targets are more susceptible to age differences, and would not consider them dating material, in favor of younger girls.

Non-Western countries[edit | edit source]

In countries like the Philippines, it is more accepted that foids may seek a wealthy older man for his provisioning even if he lacks youthful sexiness, and that a wealthy men will want the pleasures of a relationship with a younger foid; so whether he is milkmired or winemired is not as relevant. The Philippines does not have divorce, and their culture is tolerant of having mistresses; so older foids have less reason to want to shame men for desiring a younger foid, since they know that their marriage is not going to end (at the initiative of either spouse) because of their husband's involvement with another foid.

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