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PSL rating is a scale used in PSL Community to rate human physical attractiveness. It claims to measure attractiveness on a more normal distribution than the Decile chart commonly used by Normies to rate attractiveness, which is often claimed by proponents of the PSL scale to render inflated attractiveness ratings.

In this conceptualization of looks ratings, 4 PSL represents the median physical attractiveness for an individual of a certain sex, while 8 PSL means literal perfection. That means most people are near the median attractiveness (or the 50th percentile), 4 PSL, while a small minority of the population is 6 PSL or higher. Though the population variance in attractiveness for PSL ratings is generally not clearly defined or based on empirically rank-ordered attractiveness ratings, although certain PSL ratings are often claimed to correspond to certain physical attractiveness percentiles, as detailed below.

Nevertheless, some argue that rating looks more harshly as PSL does may be more accurate than the intuitive decile scale ratings, as online dating data on physical attractiveness ratings appears to imitate a similar distribution of male looks. This may be because physical attractiveness may be non-normally distributed in the general population (with fewer men than expected being regarded extremely good looking by women), or women may tend to rate men in a similarly harsh manner as the PSL scale intuitively due to increased choosiness.[1]

The Rating Scale[edit | edit source]

  • 0 PSL = equivalent to bottom 0.01% of people. Considered Subhuman by most and is reserved for those with deformities, burn victims or extreme truecels. Those that are 0 PSL flat will usually be more severely deformed while 0.5 are more standard deformities. Anyone below 1 PSL is 1 PSL is medically deformed or tend to be burn victims. Notable examples include those such as Codywinters327 (0.5 PSL), Sam entertainment (0.5 PSL), OneCoolDude123, etc., or famous historical truecels like the 'Elephant Man', Joseph Merrick, who was severely deformed, likely due to Proteus Syndrome. (note that a 0 PSL is not equivalent on the decile scale and is simply 1/10 or lower).
    Joseph Merrick carte de visite photo, c. 1889.jpg
  • 1 PSL = equivalent to bottom 0.5% of people. This the Saint tier category reserved for those who’d be considered unattractive by almost every single person. These people are usually those with very unfortunate looks or mild deformities. Those that are 1 PSL are usually very flawed with bad facial harmony/ratios and unaesthetic features that stand out greatly. Those with mild deformities or conditions are usually 1 PSL as well. 1.5 - 2 PSL simply being those with a more added flaw or flaws that is not seen amongst those with standard conventionally unattractive faces. Usually only have 1 or 2 redeeming traits examples include the likes of Daniel Larson, Cuffem (very upper end of this range right below 2 PSL), Blackops2cel, etc
    St. Blackops2cel - face.png
  • 2 PSL = equivalent to bottom 10% of people. This is the Truecel range as those who hit this category or fall below a 3 are truecels. These people are unattractive to a point where if not status haloed or famous in any sort of sense will struggle in life and suffer due to their looks. These people are usually conventionally unattractive with stereotypical unattractive facial structures such as Adenoid Face or will be the standard Obese person and/or Elderly person. 2.5 PSL are usually simply those with a very below average flaw or 2 that drops them below 3 or tend to be overweight. Notable examples include Jay Z, Lewis Capaldi, Aziz Ansari, etc.
  • Aziz Ansari 2012 Shankbone.JPG
  • 3 PSL = equivalent to bottom 30% of people. This is the Low Tier Normie/Becky range reserved for those below average. For women at this level they will have unlimited options however men in this category will struggle with their looks & overall life quality. These people usually have standard below average faces due to a couple below average features/harmony, asymmetry or high bodyfat. 3.5 PSL is simply just less of a flaw or 2 Notable examples include Adam Driver, Mr Beast, Andrew Tate, etc.
  • CrunchLabs - MrBeast Opened the WRONG BOX!!! (MRus4BCPRyY - 0m28s) (cropped).jpg
  • 4 PSL = equivalent to 50% aka standard Mid tier Normie/Becky range to approaching the low higher tier Normie/Becky range. These people are average and have no major flaws or major halos. Men in this category will struggle as Incels especially if they have flaws like height falio or are non neurotypical whilst women in this range can start getting famous due to their looks. 4 PSL being dead average and the common person you will see on the street nothing special about their faces normally. Whilst 4.5 PSL will usually be more haloed and can many times have higher SMV than standard due to an added niche or halo that helps boost them. Those who are 4.5 PSL will stand out more above average in certain areas and will be seen as attractive very often. Notable examples include Bryce Hall (4.5 PSL), Elliot Rodger, Jungkook (4.5 PSL), etc.
  • ElliotRodgerDriverLicense.jpg
  • 5 PSL = equivalent to top 5% of people. This is the range of solid HTNs/HTBs - solid Chadlites/Stacylites. These are more or less universally attractive people who will get strong halo due to their looks. Usually considered Chad or Stacy tier in looks by people in real life. Those that are 5 PSL will be standard High Tier Normies and will stand out as attractive in more areas and will be a very common rating amongst standard conventionally attractive people. 5.5 PSL is Chadlite tier & will stand out as the most attractive in crowds or the average high school. Notable examples include Taylor Lautner (5.5 PSL), Neymar, Vinnie Hacker (5.5 PSL), etc.
  • Taylor Lautner 2011 Abduction premiere.jpg
    6 PSL = equivalent to top 0.1% of people. This is the range of true chads & Stacies. These people are 1 in 1000 and will have a high chance of success or fame due to their looks alone. These people are rare and are only common in either upper class rich areas or Scandinavia. 6 PSL is what a true chad is and these are usually the most attractive people you will see yearly usually. These are the classically attractive people with far above average facial development/features who will usually be common amongst actors, attractive celebrities, etc. 6.5 PSL range is the gigachad range and the most attractive people you will ever see in person will be around this level. This is usually the range where the most attractive people will start to appear in. Notable examples include David Laid, Zayn (6.5 PSL), Johnny Depp (6.5 psl), Jeff seid (6.5 psl), etc.
  • 7 PSL = equivalent to top 0.001% of people. This is the true PSL God range. These people are usually either supermodels or famous actors in Hollywood. Almost everyone in this range has some sort of status solely due to their looks. In fact these people are usually the most attractive people of all time and only the top models/actors will ever hit this range. Globally only a few thousand people are around 7 psl. Notable examples include David Gandy, Sean O Pry, Francisco Lachowski, Henry Cavill, Brad Pitt, Jordan Barrett, etc.
  • Francisco Lachowski 2011.jpg
    8 PSL = equivalent to 0. It is equivalent to perfection which isn’t possible. The people closest to 8 PSL are those around 7.5 PSL. Those that are 7.5 PSL are the most attractive people of all time and 1 in a few billion. These people are usually where human facial aesthetics hit its full peak and in some candids these people look fake due to how developed, harmonic & how perfect their facial structure is. The only people who achieve 7.5 are Jon Erik Hexum, Hernan Drago, Adriana Lima, Brooke Shields & Taylor Hill.

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