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A stacylite or "low tier Stacy" is an "8" on the decile scale. She is one decile above the high-tier normie/high-tier becky and one decile below a stacy. Her male counterpart (i.e. her looksmatch) is the chadlite.

Immediately after she wakes up after being hungover, she doesn't look like sin - rather she looks more like a beta female at that exact moment. A single rinse of her face with tap water expunges that betaness though. During her twenties, the Stacylite has a near limitless amount of options, and as such, if she wasnt raised to prioritize pair-bonding, ghosting men becomes second nature to her. If a woman is very good-looking, she might even be a tricenarian or older, but only if she's still fertile.

Life cycle[edit | edit source]

Due to her good looks, she has received very little negative experiences in life, and it has largely been a breeze. As such, due to having little to no baggage in life, her inhibition levels are pretty low. The positive side-effect of this is that she is usually very confident. However a negative side-effect is that she may have less empathy for others, as she hasn't experienced the worst that life could possibly throw at you. Another negative is that she may be somewhat nihilistic or a narcissist since she has been spoiled a few times too often.

Height requirement[edit | edit source]

Because a tall height is no evolutionary requirement for women, any woman starting at ~5ft (150 cm) can qualify for it, while the same height would be considered dwarfish for men (see heightpill).

Because women ideally only want to date men taller than themselves, taller women have restricted dating pools of men with acceptable heights,

Even if the girlfriend accepted a male with shorter height, men might not feel comfortable being heightmogged by their own girlfriend.

Examples[edit | edit source]

  • Bianca Heinicke – Most subscribed German-language YouTuber (~5.8 million subscribers), wife of a 193cm/6ft 4inch tall Chad (Julian Claßen), who is ~40cm / 1ft 3in taller than herself (~155cm / 5ft 1in).
  • Trina Mason – American swimwear model and actress
  • Cindy Bishop – Rumanian model and actress
  • Ella Henderson, Ellie Goulding, Joss Stone (British singers)

The following gallery gives a glimpse of what a stacylite might look like:

Examples of stacylite women

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Women who are stacylites are privileged due to their looks, however not as privileged as stacies and gigastacies. Funnily enough, these stacylites usualy don't know how privileged they are, and when they hear of an average looking guy whose never gotten laid before, they assume he's asexual. It will never cross their mind that, perhaps, just maybe, the notion of receiving romantic attention from the opposite sex is out of limits. That it has never happened seems absurd to stacylites. The idiom "ignorance is bliss" comes to mind.

It doesn't take much effort for Stacylite to look good. For example, whereas other women may need to use fakeup to look presentable, all that Stacylite needs to do before she leaves the home is to brush her teeth, and mousturize her face. Thats it! This effortless beauty means that Stacylite's correspondence with other women isn't all rosy either. Her close friends never take her to mixed-gender events, as they know that Stacylite will just end up sidetracking the male attention. Even the close-in-age sibling of Stacylite might be resentful of her looks if she herself is less pretty, thereby possibly damaging their sibling relationship.

Versions[edit | edit source]

The typical male counterpart of a stacylite is called a Chadlite. There are also "beautiful" versions of the Chadlite called "Pretty Boy", and likewise, there are also pretty girl variations of the Stacylite woman, such as (pre-tricenarian / pre-wall) Ehotlovea, the camgirl. There are also physically charismatic versions of the stacylite such as Missy Destiny Model aka Grace Benvegna Trueman whose magnetism primarily derives from her alluring body movements.

Mating strategy[edit | edit source]

Some Blackpill theorists suggest Stacylites are "alpha-beta females" in that they engage in a short term mating strategy, like Stacy does but reproduce sexy sons instead of sexy daughters.

See also[edit | edit source]

See also[edit | edit source]



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