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Statusmaxxing can only get you so far

Statusmaxx or statusmaxxing is the act of improving one's value on the dating market (SMV) by increasing one's social status. This is done by those in the inceldom spectrum in an attempt to increase their perceived competence to femoids. This is done in various ways, including becoming famous, adopting a career or leisure activities that are seen as impressive.

Some statusmaxxers state that due to the aura of confidence and masculinity that fapstinence generates, fapstinents are by definition engaged in statusmaxxing. To statusmaxx successfully, is considered to be difficult for truecels, because it requires hard work and a social network to reach it. And it's harder to reach for incels compared to normies, because incels are often insecure due to a spiral loop of negative reinforcement that they endured while growing up ugly.

Many statusmaxxers have trouble ascending in a morally responsible manner and start to adopt increasingly bizarre and selfish methods of attention seeking. Unfortunately, society encourages infamy, as some of such crazy individuals seem to receive most of the attention.

List of attributes[edit | edit source]

  • Social status and social class
  • Social life
  • Social power
  • Money
  • Neurotypical behavior
  • Dark triad
  • Low inhibition
  • Being a risk taker
  • Popularity on social media
  • Unemotional character
  • Communication skills
  • Living in a desirable area of a city with a large single population
  • Holding a high status job
  • Artistic, musical, or other creative skills
  • Educational background
  • Mobility (ability to travel, worldliness)

Other Attributes which may play a role in Status[edit | edit source]

  • Muscularity in the West (Symbolizes time and bodily health. In other areas of the world, muscularity would be low status as it is associated with manual labour).
  • Coordination
  • Fighting ability
  • Dancing ability
  • Driven / desire for status
  • Interests and hobbies
  • Strong immune system
  • Stamina
  • Fashion sense
  • Family background
  • Membership in high-status organizations
  • Possessions (watch, car, home)
  • National origin, race, religion, etc.

Careermaxxing and its Errors[edit | edit source]

Twitter[1] once made a meme claiming that all jobs can be categorized into two categories that are independent of Moneymaxxing: "Email" vs "Farm". Farm jobs are jobs that produce essentials, automates production, attract consumers, or discovers knowledge. examples include Doctor, Engineer, Accountant, "Celebrity", Catering, Mechanic, Construction, Childcare, Analyst, Security, Journalist, STEM, Delivery, Media Production, Courier, Carpenter, Designer, Butcher. Email jobs are the jobs that services products to others, examples include: Therapist, Architect, Sales, Barista, Bartending, Pilot, Architect, Education, Service, Management, Lawyer, humanities researcher, Retail, Media Presenter, Importer, Florist, Salon, Farmer.

Using the Quaternary Sector Model[2], Farm jobs are often secondary (manufacturing) and quaternary (research and development), whilst Email jobs are often primary (natural resource) and ternary (service industry). As Zippia data[3] indicates, Farm jobs are more beneficial at Careermaxxing than Email jobs. Even though this categorization has a diverse range of income, the theory is that jobs that are more Galting-friendly and "secure" are also more attractive to women.

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