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Mylifeistrash is an user whose main shtick is talking about how hilarious it is when women suffer misfortune because of the decisions they make in lieu of having sex with virgin men. Over time, mylifeistrash has added nuance to his ideology, for example by saying that it is hilariously ironic that leftist women hate incels yet give birth to them by delaying childbearing till their 30s; yet this is "not as hilarious as miscarriages, which spares an incel a life of misery".[1] He was banned for bragging.[2]

Examples[edit | edit source]

Date Topic Thread
2018.03.10 White race suicide anyone else think it's hilarious the white race is destroying itself fast as possible?
2018.03.13 Miscarriages I think it's hilarious when women have a miscarriage
2018.04.06 Rapefugees Is there anything more hilarious than a woman getting raped by a refugee?
2018.08.02 Miscarriages Is there anything more hilarious than a miscarriage?[3]
2018.09.01 Black femoids I find black women cringe inducing that it’s hilarious
2018.09.13 Down's Syndrome Is there anything more HILARIOUS than a white woman with a down syndrome baby?
2018.10.21 Miscarriages it's hilarious when women have a miscarriage
2018.10.26 Breast cancer breast cancer is hilarious
2018.10.29 Rapefugees If you want to protect women from refugees, you're a fucking retard shooting your own foot
2018.10.30 Herpes Herpes is fucking HILARIOUS and is gift from god.

References[edit | edit source]

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