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Name: RedPillatore
Date of Birth: ?
Occupation: Blogger
Ethnicity: Italian

The "RedPillatore", whoose real name is Dino Ricci, is a redpill blogger and activist in Italy, known for his blog.

Basic info[edit | edit source]

Redpillatore is a 32 years old blogger who lives somewhere in northern Italy. He is a supporter of LMS theory, antifeminism and the MGTOW movement. Conversely he does not agree completely with the idea of "incel" presented by Blackpill because Redpillatore claims most men can actually find sex if they give all their efforts, but this often requires going through a romantic relationship that has a negative cost-benefit analysis. He also has libertarian beliefs and criticizes how social welfare of Western countries favours "cat ladies".

Blog activity[edit | edit source]

meme depicting Redpillatore as dinaric white man

Youth[edit | edit source]

When he was young, Redpillatore was a fan of PUA scene: he bought several PUA books and attempted all social strategies explained there. After realizing the ineffectiveness of PUA teachings, he moved to redpill philosophy and started an online activity to spread redpill and anti-feminism in Italy.

Facebook and blog[edit | edit source]

Redpillatore started his facebook page in December 2016, then he created a blog and an Instagram and Twitter profile. Since his career started, Redpillatore has tried to prove wrong all bluepilled beliefs. He explores the importance of facial attractiveness among other things, namely throught his analysis of "Tommy", which is the Italian version of the "Chad".

He explains how social and sexual interaction happens from a redpilled point of view, by telling his autobiographical stories and spreading experiences of his fans. Redpillatore in his blog also explains Looks theory (focusing on races and genes) and gives Looksmaxxing advice.

Thought[edit | edit source]

criticism of social welfare[edit | edit source]

Redpillatore considers social welfare the way that government withdraws money from male workers and transfers it to women. Not only women can get favours, gifts and free dinners from men, but women also receive privileges from the feminist government.[1] He also sees negatively proposals from feminism like maternity welfare check.

Redpillatore explains that in the past, before sexual liberation, most women needed to marry a man to obtain an economic stability. Women often had to settle down for a husband even if he was not handsome, the so-called beta provider. In this manner women could receive economic support and raise a family and finally marriages used to last long.

Redpillatore explains how the introduction of divorce alimony started "cucking" men: even when the marriage ends and the beta provider stops having sex with his ex-wife, through the alimony the ex husband has to provide for his ex wife and his sons living with her. Even if this system is unfair, at least an unattractive man has the option of committing in a marriage to obtain some sex from his wife for a certain time until the marriage ends.

Redpillatore predicts that government will force beta men to provide for women in a more unfair way due to feminist demands: in future women will be more likely to make children with chads, who are neither willing to commit to the woman nor willing to provide for the child.

The unfair solution for single mothers from woke politicians is that women will receive big maternity checks guaranteed by welfare, therefore eventually the taxpayer beta provider still provides for women and chad's son for all his life, and he does not even succeedd in getting married.[2] Redpillatore calls this dystopia stato paggetto (pageboy state)

Facebook group[edit | edit source]

In 2019 he created the Facebook group Redpillatore Il Gruppo, where users discuss Redpill, social dynamics, antifeminism, inceldom and Looks Theory.

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