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Uglyceldom means that you attribute your inceldom to factors relating to physicality or appearance.

An abominationcel is an incel who is deformed and ugly.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Some of uglycel factors that have been cited by incelibates include issues such as having a physical disability, a physical illness[1], being unattractive,[2] some physiological problem, a discrepancy in libido, a lack of sexual prowess[3] a negative body image,[4] an inadequate physical appearance[5] bad genes[6] or lookism[7]. The term involuntary celibate has also been applied to those who lack access to birth control and subsequent fears of unwanted pregnancies, and men who were castrated against their will.[8]

Involuntary celibates sometimes describe discrimination or rejection on the basis of their physical appearance as lookism. Examples of perceived physical flaws vary widely and include small wrists, a small penis, large nostrils[9] a small neck,[2] baldness and being short.[6] The bone structure is a major theme of discussion on incel forums, with inconspicuous jaw lines or chins or the presence of an overbite viewed as unfavorable. "Bonesmashing" (using blunt trauma) or "mewing" (using tongue pressure on the palate) are attempts at altering this bone structure.[10] Others attribute it to sexual racism, with some claiming that those of a minority ethnic group face rejection in the dating world,[11] and that having a dark skin color is a disadvantage.[12]

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