Trans-vestigiality hypothesis

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The trans-vestigiality hypothesis is similar to the homocel hypothesis and the incel transbian pipeline in that it suggests that a significant segment of the transgender population used to be incel. It suggests that inceldom may cause gender dysphoria in some people and by extension may lead a person to consider gender transitioning. Anecdotes from incels and studies on non-human animals suggest this may be due to a desire for the transitioning incel to avoid confrontation with stronger men (or disgusted women), to deincelize, steal mating opportunities, and/or simply an attempt to live life on tutorial mode (i.e. as a woman). The case studies depicted on the trannymaxxing page or other ones depicted below show that transitioning to female can aid in deincelization. However, some incel-turned transgenders remain incel (or transcel) upon becoming transgender.[1]

Some incel Youtubers have referred to many cases of male to female transsexualism as "advanced inceldom". Female to male transsexualism, which occurs at a slightly lower rate than male to female transsexualism, is also often seen by people in the incelosphere as a voluntary incelizing process, and as such is highly amusing to incels.

That being said, pretending to be a female is not a likely successful sexual strategy due to a very low prevalence rate of transgenderism of 0.001%. A more likely successful related sexual strategy is homosexuality, which overlaps with pretending to be a female through enabling mate poaching, as evidenced by women reporting to find gay males more trustworthy than other males.[2]

Sexual mimicry in animals[edit | edit source]

Dr Erica Todd from the University of Otago is a leading researcher in the Trans-vestigiality hypothesis in non-human animals. She calls male animals who take on female imagery to increase mating success as "sneaker males". She explains how "sneaker males" disguise themselves as females to avoid aggression from larger males, and steal mating opportunities.[3] Her work focused on the Bluehead Wrasse fish. She found that the "sneaker males" had genes for male sex hormones turned off making them appear feminine but also had much more sperm production and sperm quality control. The "sneaker males" had near identical brain gene expression to females and much different brain gene expression than non-sneaker-males. The "sneaker males" often also changed roles to more masculine fish as they grew larger.

Phillipines[edit | edit source]

In the Phillipines, where the women are so disgusted by the local men that they pursue relationships with American incels; many native men from the Phillipines undergo cosmetic surgery in order to pose as women to appeal to male American tourists and engage in prostitution.

Case studies[edit | edit source]

There have been a few case studies suggesting that trannymaxxing can actually help one to escape inceldom. See for example:

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