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IOI and Fuck-off Signaling[edit source]

There are TikToks of females claiming that their desire of playing "hard to get" (FDS and Alpha Female strategy) to Chad do not net results, whilst Fuck-Off Signals and "Virtue Signalling" attracts unwarranted Beta attention. Why is that?

Critiques of IOI[edit source]

John Elite (small PUA) made the claim that IOI is NOT accurate as a measure of attraction, as it is possible that her positive reactions may be beta orbiter conditioning.

A.G. Hayden made an alternative claim that the lack of pre-approach IOI (lower initial proxemic distance) is not useful in indicating attraction.

Add study[edit source]
There's lots of research on this topic.Altmark22 (talk) 15:43, 15 August 2022 (UTC)