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Saving an invisible comment[edit source]

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SAVING THIS FOR ODOR PAGE It is essential to note the research into the effects of either MHC similarity or heterozygosity (mating with others with similar MHC genes to oneself) or the opposite, MHC dissimilarity, show that these types of effects seem inconsistent. There is significant heterogeneity both within and between studies, and some studies examining the level of MHC compatibility between existing mate pairs on a genomic level find no effects.[1]
The results of several meta-analyses conducted on the effects of MHC genes on attraction suggest that the importance of MHC similarity/dissimilarity may vary by mating context (short vs. long term relationships), whether or not the female partner uses birth control, race, ethnicity, culture, social constrains regarding free vs. arranged mate choice, and levels of inbreeding within the population.[2][3]

Bujok (talk) 19:15, 27 August 2021 (UTC)