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The Russian incelosphere is a subset of incelosphere where the primary language used is Russian. It includes users from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and some other countries where there is still a significant percentage of Russian speakers. The Russian incelosphere evolved independently of the Anglophone one and because of that came up with unique terminology and beliefs. However, in 2010s these original concepts were subsumed by ideas and terms from English incelosphere, such as the blackpill. The term “incel” was not introduced to Russian language until around 2018, but the phenomenon existed and was recognized long before that.

History[edit | edit source]

The early origins could be traced to the 1990s website “Antisexual Stronghold”. Although not directly associated with inceldom or virginity, the website nevertheless attracted internet’s older virgins as its users. One interesting thing about it was the published statistics of site users which clearly indicated that males vastly outnumbered females among older virgins.

In 2000s Russian incelosphere was evolving in strong connection to anonymous imageboards, such as 2ch (Russian equivalent of 4chan). One of the places with strong incel presence in late 2000s and early 2010s was /rf section of 2ch, dedicated to those who were socially inept. For obvious reasons, inability to find sex and love was one of the most discussed topics. Today, there are no Russian-speaking sites or forums specifically dedicated to inceldom. However, the presence of incels is strong on imageboards. For example, /sex section of has such strong presence of incels, that at certain times the majority of threads were incel-related, causing normies to complain about their inability to discuss sex without being hounded by these users.

In 2000, the beliefs held by Russian-speaking incels were mostly rooted in evolutionary psychology. The books that had the most effect on these beliefs were “Treatise of Love as Understood by an Awful Bore” by Anatoly Protopopov and “A Woman: a Textbook for Men” by Oleg Novoselov. “Treatise of Love” positioned itself as a popular science work on evolutionary psychology (although it didn’t cite any scientific sources). The “Textbook” was a mix of evolutionary psychology theories and various MRA ideas. Protopopov argued that women are strongly attracted to dominant males (the “alphas”) and are disgusted by low-ranking males (“omegas”). In addition to dominance, he introduced the scale of “primitiveness, which defined how instinctively driven a man is. This theory is similar to differential-K theory in evolutionary psychology. Females were stated to be significantly more “primitive” then males in general, and they were thought to be most attracted to “high-rank, high-primitivity” males. Because of Protopopov and Novoselov, the lack of dominance explanation of inceldom was among the most widely accepted among Russian-speaking incels.

However, in the 2010s these ideas and terminology were slowly replaced with ideas and beliefs from English-speaking incelosphere.

Beliefs[edit | edit source]

As of 2022, dominance and primativity are almost never mentioned, while a man's looks are believed to be the most crucial characteristic that defines how much female attention a man would get.

One belief that continues to be very strong in Russian-speaking incelosphere is that Slavic women in general view Slavic men as inferior due to their bad looks, cuckold behavior and low income. Instead, Slavic women are believed to prefer 'southern' men (Balkan-Caucasian, Mediterranean, Sub-Saharan, etc.), as well as men of Western European descent. This stereotype was strongly reinforced during 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, when Russian girls were actively having sex with foreign males. It is further believed that women from developed countries look down on slavic men even more than women from Eastern-Europe.

Glossary[edit | edit source]

Archaic[edit | edit source]

  • Alfach: a successful dominant male, popular with women, an alpha-male.
  • Hikki: from Japanese 引きこもり (hikikomori, someone who is very socially inept). In the second half of 2000s was frequently used as equivalent of “incel”, although didn’t exactly had that meaning.
  • Ivan Erokhin, Vanka Erokhin, Erokha: a dominant male. At this time the term declined from usage and was replaced by “Chad”.
  • Omega, omezhka: an omega male, the lowest ranking male. This is equivalent of term “beta-male” in western terminology, but interestingly the term “beta male” gained a meaning of someone who is almost as good as alpha, except one step lower.
  • Titan: someone who understood the impossibility to get a normal life and accepted this destiny. This basically was a convergent equivalent of being blackpilled. Came from ironic usage of copypasta that referred to incels as “gloomy titans of loneliness”. The term is a pun of sorts: it derives from a Titan-type wood-burning water heater, which was mainly used in old Soviet trains to make hot beverages for the passengers, and was chosen for its distinctive appearance. No longer in use.

Current Terminology[edit | edit source]

  • Ashot: a Chad of Balcan-Caucasian phenotype (Armenian, Georgian, Turk, Azeri, etc.). Sometimes term “Maga” used to underline his Muslim affiliation. It is believed that Slavic women have strong preference for Ashots over Slavic males.
  • Listva, Listvennik: a virgin. Literally means “foliage” and comes from expression “to throw off foliage”, meaning “to lose virginity”. Ethymology is that a virgin is in Russian "devstvennik", so the 2 words share the same ending.
  • Natasha, natashka, natrashka and chernil'nitsa (literally, an "inkwell") a Slavic woman that dates or has sex with non-Slavic men, especially those of “southern” races.
  • Skuf[1], skufidon: a male aged 30-55, usually of deteriorated physical shape (fat, bolding hair, aging skin, etc.). Does not imply inceldom, but for an incel becoming a skuf further decreases the chances of getting a desirable woman.
  • Sych: someone who is socially inept and spends most of his time at home in solitude. Literally means owl of Athene genus.
  • Vsraty: someone who is very ugly and unattractive physically. Literally means “shitted-in”.

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References[edit | edit source]

  1. pronounced as "skoof"