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For the true femcels, see Truefemcel.

r/Trufemcels was a satirical subreddit created on April 4th 2018, dedicated to mock the existence of the alleged femcel experiences, as the existence of actual femcels is controversial. The subreddit was then turned into a real, unironical subbreddit about female involuntary celibacy. It was thereafter banned from Reddit.

The mascot of the subbreddit was Phoebe.

The community is a good example of a result of Poe's law. It was created as a satire by users of r/Incels and r/Braincels to mock the controversial idea of femceldom and much of the content on the board initially consisted of obviously intentionally sarcastic inversions of incel memes, e.g. "Moids only want Stacy," "It's over for you if you don't have DD breasts," etc. Most of the forum's users in its initial stage were bored male incels with time to waste. Women who believed themselves to be femcels started to join the board unironically, spearheaded by some female members of r/IncelTears. Poe's law finally came full circle when r/Trufemcels moderators banned men on sight including the very people who created the subreddit.

When r/Braincels was banned from Reddit on September 30th 2019 along with other incel subreddits, r/Trufemcels was left intact, thus proving the misandrist bias of Reddit admins.

As of October 2019 the subreddit had over 18,000 subscribers.

As of January 2021, r/trufemcels is banned from Reddit for promoting hate.

An adjacent subreddit called r/AskTruFemcels had been set up so as to allow people including men to ask femcels questions.

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