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Neoliberalism or state-approved hyper-individualism promotes the theory that societal problems (like involuntary celibacy) should be reduced to and blamed on the individual. The theory values anti-coercion, individual consent, free markets, non-altruism, and agency above most things. Neoliberalism became the dominant mode of thinking in the West since Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher, and is seen across almost all modern political parties. Many neoliberals do not call themselves by this name and some consider it a slur, and it is frequently used as one by certain opponents of neoliberals, such as socialists, anti-austerity social democrats, environmentalists, and fascists. Neoliberalism is the main philosophy of the boards inceltears, kiwifarms,, The Adam Smith Institute[1] and

Modern usage[edit | edit source]

Social[edit | edit source]

"Pull yourself up by your bootstraps", "sort yourself out", "women aren't responsible for men's happiness", "get out of the victim role", "others are never the problem" etc. are other neoliberal phrases that suggests that individuals should succeed by themselves without outside help. This is a common interjection by economic liberals against the poor, and also by Chadsplainers and incelphobes against incelibates. It is based on the opinion that the individual has huge control over the outcome of events in its life and is therefore analogously self-responsible for its success in it. Because of this, Incels might be reprimanded for supposed poverty or low social status, in a more conventional 'neoliberal' tone. Even people who claim to oppose neoliberal attitudes (such as many anti-incels; the ones who identify as left-wing politically and are SJWs) will often obliviously take such an attitude towards incels.

Political[edit | edit source]

Self-described neoliberals use the term to describe a sort of ideological middling between those who want to dramatically reduce the role of government in addressing systemic societal problems and those who believe in a bare-bones welfare state. Resulting in a kind of public policy which tries to maximally deregulate economic markets and also promotes lower taxation, except for that necessary to fund a small array of minimally funded social programs. Neoliberalism in this context is similar to a subset of libertarianism called 'minarchism'. The difference between neolibs and minarchists being that minarchists may only favor a military and do not have a default stance on social institutions other than government.

Many redpillers, especially in the Anglo-American sphere, are outspoken advocates of neoliberalism because they regard free market capitalism as a masculine distribution system since it is based on competition. Socialism, on the other hand, is considered feminine according to this mindset because it is based on cooperation. Also, several masculinists regard bad working conditions as beneficial, since they believe this makes men more masculine. Neoliberalism is also popular among self-improvement coaches, which is ironic because many of them consider themselves to be nonconformists while calling on those who cannot fit into society to adept to it.

History[edit | edit source]

Self-described neoliberals see themselves as pro-establishment and anti-populist/revolution/reaction. source: r/neoliberal

Politically, "neoliberal", was used by politicos to self-describe since the beginning of the 20th century, particularly in symposiums for compromise between Austrian Economists and welfare state types. The term is seeing a resurgence in self-identification, starting perhaps with the Adam Smith Institute, a UK think tank which changed it's label from 'libertarian' to 'neoliberal'. It did so because the word 'libertarian' it felt implied an anarchist bent it did not have. The think tank says it identifies as neoliberal because they consider themselves, paraphrased, 'classical liberals who believe the world is the best it's ever been'[1].

You might say that neoliberals are classical liberals with smartphones, internet access and frequent flier miles

—Adam Smith institute on why it self-labels as neoliberal

The resurgence in self-identification then spread to the subreddit and the, which recently featured incelphobe Zach Beauchamp of Vox to speak about incels.

Economic neoliberalism is a popular target of the left. Fascists and reactionaries are also attacking "neoliberalism", verbatim for the open-border and small-government stances of political neoliberals. However, some leftists are sympathic to neoliberalism if its proponents are supportive of immigration and the participation of women in the job market (since a high amount of competitors strengthens the bargaining position of employers, so they can reduce wages). Feminist Nancy Fraser critizes other feminists for becoming fine with it because of this.[2] Fascists can also be sympathic to neoliberalism, since it tolerates discrimination as long as it does not come from the state and is compatible with anti-egalitarianism and Social Darwinism.

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