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"Maybe he roped" is the standard response to an observation that someone has been absent from the incelosphere for a long time, or when someone deemed to be on the inceldom spectrum has not given a sign of life for a long time.

Examples[edit | edit source]

  • [About mickeyonacid] Maybe he roped early.. R.I.P. if he did. Another brother lost.[1]
  • [About psilocybincel] Maybe he roped[2]
  • [About oreo man] dunno. maybe he roped.[3]
  • [About San Salvador] Or maybe he roped.[4]
  • [About a ricecel] it's been a year now, maybe he's roped by now, who knows.[5]
  • With the exception of one guy, who just seemingly disappeared off the face of the Earth after hs. He stopped updating his social media and we was pretty subhuman so maybe he roped or decided to LDAR.[6]

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