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Name: Johnny Sanza
Date of Birth: 09/02/1991
Occupation: Unemployed
Ethnicity: white

Johnny Sanza is a Canadian truecel known for his Youtube videos and posts on PuaHate. The usernames that he has used include jsanza29, darthy09, darth09 and TheLostKid9.

He is a really awesome dude who is admired for his brutal honesty and emotional exhibitionism and is still admired in other forums to this day.

Basic info[edit | edit source]

Johnny Sanza is a kissless virgin in his early 30s as of 2023 from Montreal, Canada.

Sanza obtained his high school equivalency in 2014 at age 23. He appears to have Autism or a developmental disorder. Despite living in Quebec, which is the only province in Canada whose sole official language is French, Sanza speaks almost no French.

He is a fan of hockey and enjoys playing ball hockey. Sanza is an Xbox 360 owner and is a fan of the Fallout series, and the Grand Theft Auto series.

Sanza's Facebook profile states that he is "in a relationship" however, this is most certainly not true as it has stated this for several years and he has since stated that he has never had a girlfriend numerous times. He was raised catholic and attended a catholic high school, but has expressed some uncertainty about the faith.

Sanza has never explicitly stated what his exact ethnic makeup is, but he is almost certainly Italian. The surname "Sanza" has it's roots in southern Italy and a small town in Salerno, Italy bears the same name. "Sanza" is the short form of the original surname "Sanzanome" which literally means "without name". Him being Italian would also fit with his facial features and Catholic upbringing.

Sanza's obsession with his looks started sometime in 2010 when he overheard a female coworker calling him ugly.

PuaHate[edit | edit source]

Johnny Sanza first gained attention from the incel communities in 2011 when members of PuaHate discovered his youtube channel's contents, specifically a video (which has been removed since and is seemingly unarchived) in which he talks about women not finding him attractive. Threads were started about him and some members of the website notified Sanza about the threads about him. Ultimately, Sanza joined PuaHate posting under the username jsanza29.

During his stay on PuaHate he amassed over 1,000 posts. The content of these posts was seen as very repetitive, even comically so to some. He almost exclusively talked about himself and asked the same questions such as if he was attractive in his preteen years, what cosmetic procedures he needed, what he could do in order to be a 3/10 or a 4/10, if he had any hope, and if puberty destroyed his looks. He was given a lot of advice (both surgical and nonsurgical) on how to improve his looks, however, he does not seem to have followed any of the advice he was given as since he stopped posting he has gained a considerable amount of weight and lost even more hair.

He seldom, if ever, discussed issues that were not directly related to himself. He frequently ignored answers to his questions and sometimes even asked the same question again in the same thread even after he received answers.

Sometime in 2014 the tone and content of the posts from the jsanza29 account dramatically changed. Posts from the account started addressing other members (which Sanza never did) often to attack them, and using PuaHate and Misc lingo (which Sanza never used). It is widely assumed that Sanza was socially engineered by another member of PuaHate to give him his password and to take the picture in which he is holding a piece of paper with "Sensdep why the long face?" written on it.

Youtube[edit | edit source]

Sanza created the youtube account jsanza29 in 2010 and most of the original videos from that year are of him doing ball hockey tricks in his garage. In early 2011 he uploaded a couple of videos where he talked about how girls don't find him attractive, but these videos have since been removed.

Most of Sanza's videos from 2011 to present follow the same basic formula. They have generic rock music playing (which is often too loud and makes the clips where people are talking nearly unintelligible) clips of him as a preteen, clips of him doing ball hockey tricks in his garage, with some pictures of himself and clipart mixed in. Many videos contain almost no original content and mostly use clips from previous videos, often from years prior. A common preoccupation of Sanza is the belief that puberty destroyed his looks and that he was an attractive child.

One of the more infamous videos was originally uploaded in 2012 which contained a clip of Sanza in front of his computer shouting "YO WHAT THE FUUUCK?!".

Many of his videos contain music that does not fit the theme of the video (and sometimes almost outright contradicts it) and many of his videos have contradicting messages. For example he might say in one video that his life is ruined because he is ugly and then later state that what matters is loving yourself and that it does not matter what other people think.

Enough is enough[edit | edit source]

The most legendary video uploaded by Sanza to date was "Enough is Enough", a 4 minute and 15 second video uploaded in 1080p sometime in July of 2014. The video does not follow the typical Sanza formula as it contains no music, no recycled clips, no special effects and contains only two takes. The video starts off right outside his house. He states that he asked people on Reddit (/r/amiugly) if he was ugly and most of them said that he was. He was especially negatively affected by purported female users on Reddit stating that his face was 'fucked up'. He then erupts into rage, intensely yelling "i mean, FUUUUUCK" with his face just inches from the camera. He continues to lash out on Reddit saying things like "I'm stuck in my fucking room because of you mother fuckers!" "these people on Reddit, they're fucking getting to my brain" and "I'm tired of getting bullied". The first take ends with Johnny shouting "my face is not that baaad!"

The second take starts off with Sanza in his home, with what appear to be tears in his eye and trail marks of tears on his face, though he is not audibly crying. He acknowledges some of his facial flaws saying "yeah, I have facial flaws like a big crooked nose, maybe a caveman ridge, recessed jaw and chin, and a lot of acne, and asymmetrical eyes" but states that he does not believe he is "repulsive" and dismisses the notion as "nuts". He then goes on a blue pill rant about how he will one day find a girl who will find him attractive and what matters is loving yourself. Near the end of the video he states that he would be going to a club that night with his dad and attempt to pick up a girl. The video ends with him lashing out on Reddit once more saying "all these people on Reddit putting me down, fuck you all man! fuck you all!".

In spite of the fact that he lashes out on Reddit in the video because some people on it said he was ugly, he later went on to make another post on /r/amiugly which contained a link to the video, and asked them to rate him.

More ironically, he directs all of his anger on Reddit as opposed to PuaHate, where many of the users were far harsher in their analysis of his facial features.

It should also be noted that Sanza exclusively posted on /r/amiugly on both of his Reddit accounts, and he is complaining about people saying he was ugly even though he was the one who asked repeatedly if he was ugly on a subreddit called "am i ugly?".

The original was taken down by Sanza but it was reuploaded by another Youtuber.

Accusations of trolling[edit | edit source]

Some members have speculated that jsanza29 is nothing more than a troll persona, but this is extremely unlikely as there is a large amount of evidence that he is genuine. Sanza had been making posts on various websites asking people to rate him and asking if he was ugly long before he joined PuaHate. He has a Facebook account with hundreds of friends and several people who he knows in real life have replied on his account.

Physical appearance[edit | edit source]

Sanza is approximately 6'3". He was originally thinner but in recent years he has gained a lot of weight.

His facial flaws as according to him include:

  • Balding (NW3 or worse hairline)
  • Thin face
  • Long midface
  • Recessed mandible
  • Recessed maxilla
  • Disproportionate brow ridge
  • Acne
  • Acne scarring
  • Dark circles under eyes
  • Large nose that does not fit with the rest of the face
  • Excess submental fat

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