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Status Page(s) in Question Notes Priority (1=low, 10=high)
TBD Wheat Waffle's Attraction Scale Better Formating and Cross-links 5
TBD Wheat Waffle's Attraction Scale Resolving the Critiques 3
TBD Sexual attractiveness Data on Bluepill Subjectivis, 7
TBD Sexual attractiveness Turn Female sexual attractiveness into a table (with citations) 5
TBD Body attractiveness Add section on male bodily attractiveness 7
TBD Body attractiveness Address Framecel vs Fatcel from Anthroprometrics 5
TBD Facial masculinity Citations of Facial Masculinity 5
TBD Facial masculinity Add section on Facial Approachability/Friendliness and orthogonality of values 5
TBD Cutecel Tuck under Neoteny, OR Define better indices of being a cutecel 7
TBD Cutecel Reference Wheat Waffles 3
TBD Female sneakiness Address Male Dark Triad as Bluepill counterpoint 3
TBD Femme fatale Add a section, or new page on Femdom 9
TBD Femdom Add a section on hormone, digit ratio, Life History and sexual preference 9
TBD Femdom Add a section on historical female rulers and politicians 9
TBD Femdom Add a section on "Butch" Feminism 7
TBD Female hypoagency Add a section on femdom, or new page on Femdom 9
TBD Female subordination Add a section on femdom, or new page on Femdom 9
TBD Talk:Timeless quotes on women Update the quote list 3
TBD Cinderella complex Add citations on the "glass slipper effect" and Aydin Paladin's terrorisexual videos 9
TBD Hypergamy Add a section on curve-fitting of the 80-20 distributions in other contexts 7
TBD Hypergamy Address the 18-22 year olds in "Women want poor men to die in a fire" 5
TBD Hypergamy Bluepill emantics of "women's ratings being reflective of reality" 7
TBD Hypergamy the OkCupid dating response vs rating study 5
TBD Unicorn women Add citation on "Dating lower" and Beta Orbitting 7
TBD Unicorn women 9
TBD Sow Believers - 母豬教 Add reference on China's "leftover men" 5
TBD 666 dating rule Cross-citation on Height relativism, and female claims of "not wanting dick" 5
TBD Pareto principle Add section on mathematical modeling 5
TBD Fake depression Add section on Indicators of Interest and Fuck-off Signal inversion 7
TBD Tomboy Add data on masculinization and sexual preference 9
TBD The Wall Clean up formatting 5
TBD The Wall Address CRP's "deep thoughts theory" 7
TBD Oral Contraception Create page, with synonyms of "The Pill" and "Birth Control" 9
TBD Oral Contraception Addressing Aydin Paladin's video on how it skews dating 9
TBD Sexpiration date Remove this page and put it under "The Wall" 7
TBD Maslow's hierarchy of needs Clean up formatting on Sxhwartz Circumplex 5
TBD Life history theory Table cleaning 5
TBD Abortion Add more data 9
TBD Ethnic Theory of Attraction Formatting the tables and add more citations 5
TBD Nymphocel Formatting the two main hypothesis 5
TBD Fapstinence Addressing the "cult of nofap" and ER's methodology 9
TBD Platitude More table compression 3
TBD Wheat Waffles Face Rating Formatting, sorting and quantifiability 9
TBD Andreas Hofer Cross-citations 7
TBD Framecel Classification and better writing 7
TBD Wristcel Wristcel-Gymcel correlation 7
TBD Dominance hierarchy "Dominance ranks in human males" requires a lot of page cleaning 9
TBD Talk:Elliot Rodger Peterson's Deadwwod Theory and ER's philosophy 7
TBD Hybristophilia Addressing IncelTV's claim that criminality and attractiveness are not related 7
TBD Hybristophilia Addressing white-collar crime and the Weinstein factor 7
TBD Talk:Strategic pluralism Add the two papers into the main page 7
TBD General discussion Add "Viewing Male Requirements from the eyes of women" to r/FDS 7
TBD Lordosis Add reverse lordosis AKA pelvic thrust as sexual signaling 7
TBD Bodyguard hypothesis Add a section on sexual imprinting (see: Talk) 7
TBD JBW Theory Alternative Factors e.g. Homophily 3
TBD BWC Address HAPA Tradcon 5
TBD Yaoi Defining Yaoi, Fujoshi, and How They Tie To Foid Behavior 7
TBD Scientific Blackpill A section on: Superficial traits are weakly but significantly linked with sexual success 9
TBD Scientific Blackpill Additions on sex ratios in pre-historical effective population sizes 8