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A female standardscel is a particular type of femcel whose situation is caused by her high standards. Typically, the women with the highest standards are those who have ridden the cock carousel to the point where they have experienced a wide variety of men and now want a man who is a composite of all the traits they enjoyed, such as being athletic, cultured, wealthy, good-looking, etc. Ironically, though their list of requirements has grown, they are now viewed as old and used-up by even the men they used to have sex with, who didn't meet those criteria.

Often a standardscel has been successful in her career and now thinks she can buy love, the way that a wealthy man could get an attractive young woman by betabuxxing. At the same time, she still retains her instinct to, in the long run, only want to respect and submit to a man who has a higher status than hers, which drastically limits her dating pool.

Some would say all femcels are standardscels, but nonetheless there are some females whose standards are so ostentatious high in comparison to what they offer the mate market as to remove all doubt as to the cause of their celibacy.

Examples[edit | edit source]

47-year-old Tereza Burki sued after she spent £12,600 to find "a wealthy man who would offer sophistication and an interest in world travel, and who wanted to have children." The judge noted that "Her requirements were not modest" but ruled in her favor anyway.[1]

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