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In the incelosphere, a dickcel is a man with a penis that is below average; the average being 5.2 inches, erect. In the future, if society begins to feel a tinge of sympathy for the plight of inceldom, it may be possible to help dickcels and men with micropenis once sex is viewed as a Maslow need. This may prompt greater facilities for dickcels to meet for instance women with vaginismus which may work out perfectly for both parties.

Evolution of the male penis[edit | edit source]

The human penis is similar in length to that of Chimpanzee's penis and is beaten by the Bonobo in length.[1][2] The size of the human penis has likely coevolved along with the Vagina (which itself is quite long when aroused; this is due to the larger cranium of human children) for a more efficient placing of sperm during sex as well as for a more 'satisfactory fit'.[3] Whilst it is true that longer penises are found in promiscuous mating systems, it is also true that promiscuous mating systems produce more distally complex penises. When compared to other primates, humans only score highly in penile length but do not have distally complex penises. This means that it is unlikely that the human penis evolved through sperm competition.[4] Due to capacitating processes involved inside the Vagina, larger penises might actually be less fertile than average penises as they place sperm too close to the cervix.

Human penis size may have been exaggerated through runaway sexual selection from females. Certain studies claim that females prefer larger than average penises, their data can actually be used to infer the opposite, that females find average penises to be the most aesthetically pleasing.[5] This study, for example, found that women preferred larger non-erect penises and extrapolated from their data that the most aesthetically appeasing penises were likely between 14-15cm. However, the authors did not control for the rigidity of the penis; thus we could argue an absolute size of 14-15cm could be argued to be the most attractive length (regardless of wether in an erect or flaccid state). However our male ancestors have covered their genitalia for longer than humans have been around. However, a way information about penis size could have been transmitted between females without direct visual access may be through gossip, which is also considered a human universal.

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