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Meme depicting Corona-chan, the personnification of COVID-19, holding a beer of the brand Corona.

COVID-19 is the disease caused by a Chinese coronavirus with the name SARS-CoV-2.

The pandemic of COVID-19 sparked mass hysteria, hypochondria, irrational violence, government overreach, mass surveillance, terrorism charges against those purposefully spreading saliva in public, temporary food, toilet paper and hand sanitizer shortages, food rationing including bread lines in capitalist countries, mass unemployment, and other severe economic damages caused by lockdowns.

Faced with an increase in death probability, boomer country leaders advised all millennials to speedrun video games at home indefinitely.[1] This gave millions of normies the unique chance to experience incel, NEET and LDAR lifestyles, causing especially young women to be socially isolated for the first time in their lives, driving some into suicide.[2]

Coronabucks[edit | edit source]

Steven Mnuchin, in the center.

Financial relief and Keynesian government stimulus measures were put into place to keep up aggregate consumer demand for goods and services. Incels in many economic situations and homeless NEETs around the world were guaranteed anywhere from 1k-8k USD equivalent from a government body, with a low bar for assistance, and plenty of time to file. Notable heroes in this story include Hong Kong Finance minister Paul Chan Mo-po and Hollywood producer and US Treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin.

The dollars were termed 'coronabucks' or 'neetbux' on incel and NEET forums. For many incels/NEETs this cash distribution is the most generous thing anyone did for them and it gives many a positive picture of the political environment. Travel and brick-and-mortar store workers were those who needed the most immediate contextual assistance. Those in families employed in healthcare technology or finance likely saw little to no actual new danger in their lives, and probably only a net benefit.

Housed NEET oppression[edit | edit source]

Many non-homeless NEETs were denied cash relief due to US congress deciding to not directly give assistance to those filing their taxes as a dependent. A dependent to the IRS meaning someone who lives with someone who pays most of their living expenses. Thus, those non-homeless NEETs who were "true" non-homeless NEETs and did not pay for more than half their living expenses, were denied direct cash relief.[3] This arguably sparks resentment between dependents and parents, and makes the dependent more dependent on their caretaker. Steven Mnuchin may be blamed by those effected for proposing relief for "hard working Americans".

Reaction[edit | edit source]

Much of the Western world shut down in March and during the second wave in December 2020, in many countries involving draconian measures (especially during the first wave).

About half the early deaths in Iran were due to people drinking alcohol to 'clean out their body' of the virus.[4] A number of high-profile politicians have gotten infected due to their extensive travel, but the vast majority show little to no symptoms, with the exception of British PM Boris Johnson, an obese and unhealthy 55 year old who went out of his way to infect himself by shaking hands with sick patients at hospitals.

Why such a strong reaction?[edit | edit source]

The strong reaction presumably mainly occurred due to boomers trying to save their lives, as they have by far the highest fatality rates and own most media outlets. The stock market collapse may have been a coincidental, accelerating element in the hysteria as its collapse was long overdue, it having been the largest bull market in history.

Almost everyone can find a reason to anticipate a lock down. Environmentalists anticipate the decline in pollution and get to impose a low-consumption lifestyle. Socialists, neoliberals, and ancaps get to experiment with basic income. Wagies get some time off. Boomers get to defer their death. Rightists get their closed borders and can demonstrate authoritarianism. Anti-globalists can exert pressure on globalists. Leftists can virtue signal about saving lives. Sex-havers get excited about quarantine sex; in particular men are relieved from mate guarding in times women are free to be sluts. The media get a spectacle.

Impact of lockdowns on sexual behavior and well-being[edit | edit source]

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An Austrian study found that 48% of single students had fewer dates due to social distancing and 38% had less sex. Further, 26% of singles masturbated more.[5]

In one study, anxiety and depression scores were significantly lower in subjects sexually active during COVID-19 lockdowns.[6] A different study found relationship status did not mediate the effect of the overall pandemic on emotional well-being, though incels did score lower overall than partnered subjects.[7] Others also found the lockdowns to have no particularly negative impact on symptoms of depression and anxiety and potentially concerning behaviors.[8]

Another study states most people experienced a "post-traumatic growth" after the first lockdown, and that "being forced to slow down life, as a consequence of lockdown, has had significant, positive impacts for many people and their families".[9]

Once schools reopened after the lockdown, the number of suicide attempts in girls "skyrocketed".[10]

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