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The Blabla 18-25 ans (18 to 25 years old blabla) is a famous french forum hosted on the website (

This forum is renown for its very rich subculture and has been around since the early 2000's. Though its demographic is varied, a significant part of the members are still virgin with poor social interactions and are politically tilted toward french far-right. The 18-25 has become permeable to incelosphere concepts in the 2010's and can be qualified as the bastion of french incels in the french incelosphere, even though members are reluctant to call themselves incels and can be critical of some aspects of the incel culture. They are though regularly called mysoginist incels by the french medias.

Considered the temple of French trolling and enjoying a very significant freedom of expression until 2017, the 18-25 has sparked several controversies over the past ten years, giving it a sulphurous reputation. This notoriety is due in particular to a clear politicization of the forum since the 2010s, where the majority of forumers have revealed acquaintances with the radical right, and skepticism about feminism and immigration.

The 18-25 is one of the most popular french-speaking forum in terms of attendance and activity with approximately eight thousand visitors present throughout the daytime.

Since its creation in 2004, countless memes (called "délires" : deliriums) have emerged on the 18-25, true cement of a specific and unique subculture. The El Risitas meme is especially popular on this forum[1] and was diverted in many ways. It is still to this day their emblem and most important and profuse meme.

The 18-25 is part of the kheyosphere, named after the way members call themselves "khey" which means (paradoxally for a rather nationalist forum) brother in arab language.

History and Achievements[edit | edit source] is the very first french website dedicated to video games. Since its beginnings in 1997, the website has made available several rudimentary forums around video games, tips and tricks, network games.

The 15-18 era[edit | edit source]

In 2004, five forums splited in five age groups for random talk. These are the blablas. For very long the most active blabla was the Blabla 15-18 ans (15 to 18 years old). Here a lot of teenagers gathered to have fun, trolling and flooding was very abundant. The first major delirium was a flood war between two factions (or rather cults) : the noelists and the hapists that respectively venerate and intensely used the smileys :noel: (christmas) and :hap: . This war was extreme in every proportion : from 2006 to roughly 2008 the forum was strongly fractured by this joke, involving several thousands of immature people. A lot of sub-groups were created in each factions, specific way of speaking, fictional nations and armys, whole mythologies based on those two smileys.

This war continued to have a lasting influence on the subculture of the forum, and re-emerged many times through the community history. Still to this day :noel: and :hap: became the two symbols of the kheyosphere.

In june 2010 the forum massively interveined in the 4chan drawball and succeeded in beating the famous website by covering the ball with the :noel: smiley[2], and later with a french flag. 4chaners got very salty following this achievement of the frenchies[3].

In 2011 the forum gets a lot of mediatic exposure in french medias. Several times forumers succeeded in spreading fake news of the supposed death of a celebrity. The famous french actor Jean Dujardin was declared dead, creating a buzz on social media and relayed by medias[4][5]. Later that year a member posted the maths baccalaureate subject test before the exam which hugely drew attention toward the forum in the following days[6][7]. The year after same thing happens with the biology subject test.

In this period the forum performs a lot of trolling, hacks, doxxing, raids against other foreign teenager forums, and draws more and more attention. A lot of forumers make appearances on french TV or radio and dedicate the forum 15-18. By participating in a nationwide contest the forumers achieve to name two McDonald's burgers after the forum that were sold in France[8].

At this time the upper 18-25 becomes more and more frequented, and both community quite similar, even though the 18-25 is more mature in its deliriums.

In 2013, on the 18-25, the forumer HommeMort (DeadMan) threatens to do a mass shooting in his highschool, which will once again draw a lot of attention on the forums[9]. All highschools of HommeMort's city will be guarded by in total 750 policemen, but nothing happened. Two month later the police finally arrested HommeMort, a seventeen years old teenager[10].

Up to 2014, the 15-18 was extremely active and every single day happened a raid against any community, website or online game, but also pranks, and harassment of many forumers by sending to their adress pizzas for exemple. The 15-18 was very euphoric most of the time with a huge kid and teen community that discover the joys of the internet.

The 18-25 migration[edit | edit source]

Toward the end of 2014, a major update of permits to see the number of connected on each forum, and the kheys discover that the upper 18-25 forum has become very active, more than the 15-18. The maturity of the blabla 18-25 ans attracts more and more people tired of the neverending kikoo atmosphere of the 15-18[11][12]. The community starts to slowly migrate to this new forum, and hence begins the second part of the kheyosphere history.

The kheys begin to call themselves the Elite of the Nation both ironically and seriously.

In the mid-2010's the forumers were regularly trolling and harassing neo-feminists, especially on Twitter.

The variety of the topics was quite stunning, and up to 2017 the forum was renowned as a place where anyone could discuss any subject, intensely debate on very technical subjects thanks to the variety of the kheys, or share their own artistic creations (especially fictional stories that are very popular) or ask advices on their personnal problems. The freedom of speech sparked some controversies and the forum gained the reputation of a mysoginist, racist, antisemitic, and conspirationnist forum. To this list was often added homophobia because of a very popular joke on the forum involving Laurent Ruquier, a notorious homosexual showrunner on french television : How does Ruquier retrieve his condom ? By farting[13].

In 2015 the Risitas meme gets a huge attention and is still to this day the most profuse meme of the kheyosphere. The sentences El Risitas says are re-used by the kheys in all their interactions "Issou", "Yatangaki", "La chankla", "El Bagnador". The little city of Issou in France was harassed in every possible way by the forumers. The forum keeps making pranks on social media, for exemple the hoax that a huge solar eruption was going to happen[14] was very remarked on Twitter.

Several forumers get noticed fo their mental deviance and madness, and their presence throughout the day on the forum. One of them, Worthlessloser, is renown for his many escapades out of psychiatric hospital, locking himself in public toilets to drink liters of beer[15]. Indeed the forum is also a place where a lot of crazy deliriums were born, where any forumer can talk about their deviances. The famous sentence A normal forum with normal people gets consecrated.

History of the 18-25 is extremely vast with hundreds of deliriums, unique personnalities and events. Summarizing it is quite infeasible.

The censorship era[edit | edit source]

In late 2017, the forum harasses a minor french journalist (Nadia Daam) after she vigoroulsy insulted the community on radio[16]. Every french media get on the case and this leads to crusade against the forum which is perceived to be problematic fo too many years. This was probably the straw that broke the camel's back after almost a decade of abundant trolling and pranking. The new society that bought (Webedia) is called upon to tighten its moderation very strictly. This will cause profound changes in the community and the golden age ends.

Still to this day the censorship is extremely strong, this upheaval has profoundly transformed the forum, which is in constant decline in quality. Not a day goes by without forum members complaining about this often indiscriminate censorship, and it has become very difficult not to get banned by posting regularly. Using the word jew for instance results in an instant ban.

Today, moderation removes between 800 and 1200 topics per day, and has become the most censored website of Europe[17] with 100% of signalments treated in 24h (60 to 80% for other social medias) and 80% are suppressed.

Migration on another forum ?[edit | edit source]

The 15 march 2023 a new system of levels is added to, limiting the number of posts for a new members to 10 per day. The level increases slowly with good conduct. After many years of abuse, this new feature is perceived as another betrayal. Approximately 30% of the community migrate to another forum called where the moderation is way softer[18].

This fracture recquired a larger word to describe the community. The word kehyosphere was chosen to talk about the 18-25,, other minor forums, and sub-groups on discord or social medias. The largeness of the kheyosphere is unknown, but it is probable more than ten thousand people.

Relationship with inceldom[edit | edit source]

The 18-25, which is composed of 99% of men, has become permeable to incelosphere concepts in the 2010's. According to several polls, 50 to 60% of the kheys are virgin[19][20][21][22], and among all forumers a minority consider themselves as incels[23]. At least 10% of the topic on the forum are about sexe, seduction, men and women relationships.

Among them, the redpill concept is very popular and is most of the time confused with the blackpill. Authors of redpill topics list several important facts about women absurd requirements, but also dellusional facts about wider society phenomenas. From january 2021 to may 2023, 30.000 topics contain the word "redpill" in their title[24], and only 5.000 with the word "blackpill". Michel Houellebecq's work is also quite popular on the forum (650 topics).

Tinder in particular is quite discussed, most forumers have the bug Tinder (only a few likes by month) and some of them like to create fake BG (fake handsome) to have hundreds of matches and troll the women[25]. Often they share the discussion they have with them in a topic to mock them or they use it for redpill material. They can also create fake magalie (fake obese 3/10 woman) for the same purpose and ascertain the fact that every single woman will get hundreds of matches whatever her profil looks like.

  • A copypasta called Tinder Hate has been written to synthetise the tinder experience of most kheys.
  • A humoristic copypasta about how hard it is to find a girlfriend for francels.
  • A copypasta called We need to talk that explains several things about girls.

Popular inceldom concepts[edit | edit source]

The 18-25 has adopted several incel concepts in its own subculture.

  • The Wizard is called the mage noir (black mage). This term is used to describe any forumer that is still virgin past 30. The delirium has grown to imagine various specializations and ranks among Dark Mages, even more powerful titles as age advances (Overlord at 50 years old, or Emperor of Chaos at 80).
  • The decile scale is very popular when discussing these subjects. Kheys often use the term Chad in its original meaning (but not Stacy : they rather define attractive females with the decile scale 8 to 10/10). Other names are unused. Copypasta about Henry Cavill, the ultimate gigachad to many.

Inceldom related[edit | edit source]

  • The Magalie (typical french redneck name) describes an unattractive, overweight, mediocre/vulgar and lower-class woman. This is an archetypal representation of the french housewife.
  • The gourgandine (old french term) describes a runner and wanton female that hides it rather well. Its some kind of equivalent to Becky.

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References[edit | edit source]

Most of references used for this article are from the official wiki of the kheyosphere called JVFlux.

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