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Name: Vincent van Gogh
Date of Birth: March 30, 1853
Occupation: Artist
Ethnicity: Dutch

Vincent van Gogh was a post-impressionist painter and protocel whose artwork has been among the most influential pieces of art in all of history. He became famous only after his death. He was intelligent and withdrawn. He was friends with another famous incelibate painter: Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec.

He famously wrote:

“I cannot live without love, without a woman"

and his serial rejection broke his heart and eventually his mind, his spirit, and his life.

Interactions with women[edit | edit source]

He fell madly in love with his landlady's daughter: Eugenie Loyer, and he was rejected.[1]

Vincent was obsessed with losing his virginity, stating with regards to his virginity:

“The animal must get out, then the angel can enter.”[2]

He lost his virginity to a London prostitute, Van Gogh stated that prostitutes are

"girls who love so much."[3]

He then proposed to his cousin (cousin partnerships were not unusual at the time) named Kee Vos. Kee responded

"never, never"[4]

He then entered a relationship with prostitute Clasina “Sien” Hoornik, who produced a child, but it is unknown if it was Vincent's.

Vincent eventually got into a relationship with a non-prostitute neighbor named Margot Begemann but her family rejected Vincent, and they forbid her from visiting him. She then tried to killed herself at her parent's decision.[5]

Vincent's brother Theo was successful in love, and as Theo became engaged to his lover, Vincent became so drunk that his artist roommate had to move out.

Self Harm[edit | edit source]

Vincent, as his mental health was deteriorating once ran down the street with a razor. He chopped off his right earlobe with the razor and presented it to his favorite local prostitute, who then fainted in shock.

Hospitalization[edit | edit source]

Right after his brother married, Vincent admitted himself into a hospital: Hospital Saint-Rémy

Suicide[edit | edit source]

6 months after the birth of his brother's son, Vincent shoots himself in the chest while walking down the street. He then walked to his home bleeding to death, lit up a pipe once arriving in his room and laid in his bed, and then died.

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