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Unpopular Men, or モテない男性 (motenai dansei), is a Japanese Incelospherian community on the Japanese image board 5channel (formerly 2channel). 5chan has banned all foreigners from posting on its boards, including Unpopular Men, although they can still lurk.

The board is for men who have no experience with the opposite sex. They have their own slang term for an incel: 喪男(pronounced mō, mo otoko or modan), so they shorten the board's name to 喪男板 (mōtoko ita or mōban) or 喪板 (mo ita or moban). They define an unpopular man in their rules as someone who "has never had an experience with a woman, has no female friends, and has no plans to confess to a woman". Users who have female friends or are too optimistic (as seen by the other lonely men) are often attacked.

There is also a similar board for women called もてない女板 (Unpopular Women). Their culture is essentially the same as Unpopular Men's but with the genders reversed. Men are not allowed to post there, and the users tend to strongly attack posts they think are by men. They even have their own term for femcel: 喪女 (pronounced mojo or mo onna). However, unlike on Unpopular Men, "positive" posts are not banned, so there is a mix of bluepilled, redpilled and blackpilled posts.

History[edit | edit source]

The board was established on 21 December 2003. At its peak between then and May 2005, it kept growing until it had about 40,000 posts per day, the same as 2channel's News board. As of April 2023, it typically gets a few hundred posts a day.

On 11 August 2004, もてない女板 (Unpopular Women) was created.

The behaviour of the protagonist in the adventure game "STEINS;GATE" were leaked to the board in February 2005, and became a widespread copypasta called "the man in the cafeteria". STEINS;GATE released in October 2009 and was later made into a manga, novel, and anime.

On 7 May 2005, もてたい男 (men who want to be popular) was created to contain what Western incels would call bluepilled and redpilled posts. Until then, Unpopular Men was full of optimistic threads and threads titled "How to become popular".

Rules[edit | edit source]

Japanese[edit | edit source]

ここは自他共にモテない男性と認める人同士が語り合う板です 以下の投稿は一切禁止です

  1 女性及び女性を装う投稿

  2 以下に該当する男性及びそれを装う投稿


  3 彼女が欲しい、モテたいというポジティブなモテない男性

  4 同性愛及び同性愛者を装う投稿

  5 モテない理由になりうるネタで当板の男性を揶揄する・馬鹿にするような投稿

  6 固定ハンドルが占有する雑談及び固定ハンドルに関するスレッド


  7 上記(1〜6)を誘導する・求める投稿 ルール違反者に対する排除の意思及びスルーがされず、ルール違反者に対する歓迎、馴れ合い、雑談が行われているスレッドは


上記に該当する投稿であるかどうかはスレタイ、関連スレのログ、文意、文体、レスの流れ等から判断します ◆ 住民案内 重複スレッドを立てる事は禁止です 叩き・揶揄・煽り等を目的をする投稿は基本的に放置しましょう ◆ 初めて来た方へ モテない男性板は女性の投稿に寛容ではありません イケメン、非童貞、彼女持ち、元彼女持ちの男性は独身男性板へ 妻子ある男性は既婚男性板へ モテたい男性はもてたい男板へ 同性愛の男性は同性愛板へ オフ会の話題は突発OFF板へ

English translation[edit | edit source]

This is a board where men who consider themselves not popular with others can talk to like-minded people. The following posts are strictly prohibited.

  1 Posts by, or pretending to be by, women

  2 Posts by, or pretending to be by, men who come under the following:

   (have a girlfriend, have an ex-girlfriend, non-virgin except for escortcels, have been confessed to, have female friends, popular, liked by a woman)

  3 Unpopular men who are optimistic about wanting a girlfriend and wanting to be popular

  4 Post that are gay or pretending to be gay

  5 Ridiculing men on this board with stories of why they are not popular. Mocking posts

  6 Threads chatting with namefags or threads about namefags

   (Making the progress of namefags essential, fraternizing with namefags, making namefags the main topic of conversation)

  7 Posts that induce/ask to do the above (1〜6). Threads welcoming back, socialising with, or chatting with rule breakers without any intention to exclude or ignore them.

Regardless of the title or first post of a thread, these are strictly prohibited, and remaking a thread after [a rule has been broken in one] is also prohibited.

Whether a posts comes under the above or not is judged based on the title, related threads, sentence meaning, style, response flow, etc. ◆ It is forbidden to make duplicate threads. Generally, let's ignore posts that aim to attack, ridicule, or provoke. ◆ For those who have come here for the first time, there is no tolerance on the Unpopular Men board for posts by women. Handsome guys, non-virgins, men with girlfriends, and men with ex-girlfriends should go to the Single Men board. Men with a wife and children should go to the Married Men board. Men who want to be popular should go to the Men who Want to be Popular board. Gay men should go to the Homosexual board. The topic of offline meetups should be on the OFF board.

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