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Name: Trad Stacy
Date of Birth: 1982-1 (age 37
Occupation: writer, cook, musician
Ethnicity: Scottish,German, French,Apache

Trad Stacy, now known as After Birth, is a female YouTube vlogger known for commenting on the vlogs of various incels. In 2019 she appears to have entered into a close IRL friendship or relationship with (former?) incel vlogger Off Grid Prosperity.

She is not a drug addict but is on medication for anxiety and has been for 4yrs

Forum Use[edit | edit source]

Prior to entering into an illustrious career as Alan aka, Off the Grid Prosperity e-girl made co-host. Trad Stacey, aka Mahatma, had another youtube channel with a 1k following. She frequented Discord servers and boards such as 4chan.

Vlogs[edit | edit source]

It appears based on comments of her original channel she had a primarily male following. Her vlogs are commenting on hot topics in alternative political forums, as well as social construction memes aka Stacy, beta, chad culture. Her vlogs also are omissions to struggle, depression, and a hard knock life. She reveals in one vlog that she had many misunderstandings with other females in primary school, and so on. She characterizes herself as misunderstood, a DIY punk, and someone who's been harshly criticized and used.

Personal Life[edit | edit source]

Trad Stacey likes rock music and older television shows. Unlike most women, Trad Stacey seems to prefer the company of beta males, even in romantic settings.

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