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Astroturfing is the act of creating a fake grassroots movement or pretending to be a participant in a movement you don't believe in for the purpose of 'shifting the narrative'. It is a form of larping and a near synonym of false flagging.

Users of r/IncelTears and other incelphobic terrorist groups have a tendency to take part in astroturfing by posting false flags on, r/Braincels and other communities in the incelosphere to make incels look bad.

Notable Astroturfers[edit | edit source]

Mortyposter is perhaps the most infamous example of an Astroturfer. Mortyposter joined on October 24, 2021. He quickly alienated other members on due to his sarcastic attitude and Redditor style of posting but the final straw was when he said the "IT archetypal lie that incels only prefer 10/10 women." showing that he was trying to stereotype incels as only wanting Stacies. Mortyposter was permanently banned from Mortyposter then went on to create a slew of alt accounts, with the vast majority of these accounts being rejected. However, three of these alt accounts made by Mortyposter managed to sneak onto the site, but these accounts were quickly banned as well.

Incel Astroturfer Mortyposter in the flesh
Incel Astroturfer Mortyposter in the flesh

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